There’s a warm breeze on this balcony in Berlin, and I’m thinking the world has a funny way of slowing a body down. I’m still on pain meds, albeit not very effective ones, and I’ve been watching too much Mad Men on iTunes (at $2.99 a pop). But the sun is peeping over the hinterhof for the first time today and, despite the protestations of my abdomen upon attempting any kind of movement, it sure is nice to be alive and here and smelling German June.

There’s a lanky kid down in the courtyard playing videogames on his phone. He looks a little like the Berlin version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air: pearl earring, brand-new sneakers, and a purple collared shirt. He seems to be suffering from some kind of seasonal allergy—or snorting like a wee pig, as B put it.

And with that, I will attempt a walk.